Payment Due

You pay, I bake! Payment is required up front so that I can source your cute cutters, spectacular sprinkles, and perfect packaging. Your payment reserves your pick-up date too! Win-win for all of us!

No show = no cookies.

These cookies are best enjoyed fresh! Not showing up to the agreed upon pick-up time forfeits your order. But take heart – we’ll donate to a family in need. Need to reschedule your order? Please reach out 14 days prior to your pick-up time.



Upon full payment, you’ll receive half of the total paid in case of cancellation 30 days prior to the event and no work on your order has been started or supply purchased. No refund is possible if cancellation does not occur 30 days prior to an event.  In the event of a date change, you’ll receive full credit for the new date with a 30-day notice. A date change incurs a $75 fee. But the good news  you get the sweet treats!

If your date changes, you will receive full credit for the new date as long as you give the 30 day notice. If a 30 date notice is not given a $75 fee will be applied for a change of date.
Delivery Clause

I agree to provide delivery services for your order, with the understanding that unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather conditions, traffic, or closures may impact the delivery time. In the event that delivery is delayed by factors beyond my control, like snow causing a 3-hour delay, additional charges may apply additional to your delivery fee.

Alternatively, you have the option to opt out of the delivery service and arrange for the pickup of your order yourself. This choice must be communicated prior to my departure for delivery.

By proceeding with the delivery option, you acknowledge and accept the potential for additional charges in case of significant delays caused by external factors.

In the event of inclement weather conditions that prevent safe delivery, I reserve the right not to deliver. Under such circumstances, the client is required to arrange for pickup. In this case, any delivery fees paid will be refunded to the client.


Pick-up Dates and Times

Delivery and pick-up times are set upon ordering. This is because other customers need their cookie fix too! We have bulk pick-up dates to accommodate most schedules – so put that cookie pick-up in your calendar!

Change Cutoff

Decisions are tough! But we’re here to help. Order changes can be made for 3 days after your order date. After that, all change requests will be under consideration and a small fee will apply as cookie cutters may have been made/ordered and designing has already been taking place.


Thanks tons for bringing those inspo pictures! They’re just that – inspiring. I do not replicate others’ work. Every baker has different artistic views and I will add my own touch to each set I create.

In the realm of baking, I see it as an art form where designs come to life during the creative process. I strive to craft unique designs infused with my personal touch and artistic perspective. While I value your input and consider the color scheme, theme, and special touches, I believe in the freedom to bring my eye and creativity into the final design for a truly distinctive result. Explore my gallery to witness the artistic journey reflected in my previous creations.

Covid Care

We know that you can’t control when you have come in contact with a person who has Covid, and we want to work with you. Need to reschedule your event? We can freeze your cookies for 2 weeks so you can stay home and rest.

In a hurry?

While I can’t accommodate all last-minute orders, I will make my best effort to. Rush orders will fall into the turnaround categories listed below and the following percentage will be added to your order total as follows:

14 days away 15%
13-8 days away 20%
 7-4 days away 30%  

Once a rush order for a cake is placed, it cannot be canceled like regular orders due to the immediate procurement of supplies and initiation of work. This is essential to ensure the timely completion of your order. However, depending on the progress made in the cake creation process, there may be an option to reschedule the order. Rescheduling is subject to the discretion of the baker and must be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Please note that rescheduling may incur additional fees and is not guaranteed. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this policy.

Price Adjustments

All prices are subject to change. Prices are often dictated by ingredients’ costs. I’m always trying to provide the best-tasting cookies to my clients. This also means I can’t honor old pricing (because the local grocery store won’t honor their old flour prices – darn it).

Product Photography

Say Cheese! We create replicas of client orders to photograph these pretty sweet-lookin’ sweets. If you do not want your cookies in the spotlight, please let me know at the time you place your order. Secrets are safe with me.


Copyrighted images (characters, sports teams, universities) are protected, and I won’t be able to replicate them without permission (who wants cookie controversy, right?). If you choose to obtain written permission from the owner of those rights and submit it, I am happy to create those designs for you. Otherwise, we can make a similar color palette – so let’s talk! 

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

But they’re not always accurate. Colors and lighting in photos may be slightly different than what you end up with. Also – cookies in photos may not be true to size! (Which is a bummer, I’d frankly love to eat an 8.5×11 in cookie.)

Eenie Meenie Order Minimums

(That didn’t rhyme – I’m a baker, not a poet.) I require a minimum order of 2 dozen! Need fewer? Stay tuned for presales and pop-ups announced on my social media platforms.

It’s All Yours Now

Once you pick up your order (thanks again, by the way), what happens to your cookies, cocoa bombs, and car doors (I hate door dings) is all on you! Keep ’em safe, keep ’em cool, and keep ’em away from the parking lot cart returns.

Upon product pickup, responsibility transfers to you. Handle orders with care using one hand on the top and one on the bottom—avoid touching the sides. Transport on a flat surface in a climate-controlled vehicle, allowing products to reach room temperature before consumption. Note that cakes may contain wooden dowels for support, so exercise caution when cutting.


No Ghosts

(I’m easily spooked.) To get your order juuust right, I’ll need you to reply to my messages within 24 hours – otherwise, I may just have to wing it (I’m good at wiggin’ it – just ask my eyeliner). Questions for me? Please give me about 72 hours to reply – I’m usually covered in dough.

Achoo! Allergies?

Baked goods are often made with foods that can be known allergens. While I can do my best to accommodate, I can’t always accommodate allergy-conscious orders. Please do reach out – I may have a perfect referral for ya!

Cottage Food Laws

Our products are made in a cottage food operation that is not subject to routine government inspections. Our kitchen is not nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free, or gluten-free. Boring disclaimer, but we have to say it per the law. *tips cowboy hat* *straightens Sheriff pin*

In Sickness and in Health

While death will never do us part, you’re consuming food and with the consumption of anything there are inherent risks. Choking hazards, foodborne illnesses, and allergic reactions are possibilities – albeit, hopefully far reaching.

Pay means Yay

Once you’ve submitted (awesome) payment for your (awesome) order because you’re awesome, you’re accepting all of the above terms. Which is awesome because my cookies and treats are awesome. Awesome.

Note: All cakes will utilize wooden dowels for structural support and ease of transportation/delivery. Please refrain from smashing a person’s face into the cake. If you desire a smash-style cake, kindly specify, as specific sizes are designated for this purpose. Exercise caution while cutting the cake, referring to the provided cake cutting guide. Your order implies that you have read and agreed to all the terms outlined in this contract.