Birthday Party Favors

Birthday Party Favors

Images are designed for your specific event and printed directly onto candy, dipped Oreos, cake pops, cupcakes, etc. by an edible printer. Images can contain photographs, handwriting, or logos of your company or university. Due to copyright laws, the customer needs to obtain permission from the owner of the images prior to booking.

A&J Sweet Confections | M&Ms, Skittles, Mentos featured image
M & M’s  / Skittles / Mentos

Indulge in sweet delights with our candy selection!

Treat yourself to your favorite flavors with our flexible pricing options:

1 pound: $35 for the white colored option, $40 for a mix of white and another color option.

2 oz increments: $7.50 per increment.

Choose your candy and satisfy your sweet tooth today

A&J Sweet Confections | Smore's Kits featured image
Smore’s Kits

(Marshmallow, Graham Cracker, & Hershey’s Chocolate) $6/each 

hot chocolate bombs
Hot Chocolate Bomb with Matching Marshmallow Single Serving

(Great stocking stuffers!) $5/each

1 Hot Chocolate Bomb

1 Matching Marshmallow 

krispy treats
Krispy Treats

$36/dozen or $18 half a dozen


Add $5/dozen or $2.50/half a dozen for Additional Flavors:

Animal Circus


Cookies & Cream


Starts at $45/dozen choose any flavor. 2 dozen minimum requirement. Prices vary depending on design, embellishments, theme, photographs, hand decorating, and rush fees if applicable. Please request a quote for accurate pricing for your customized item. Prices are subject to change due to product pricing increases. 


Animal Circus 

Vanilla Cheesecake

Brownie Batter

Toasted Coconut

dipped oreos
Dipped Oreos

$25/dozen or $12.50 half a dozen 




DIY individual kits
Individual DIY Kits

$6/each minimum requirement of 6 per order 

What’s included:

Each box contains instructions

2 cookies

2 icing bags of buttercream

1 oz of sprinkles